yellowDuh Angel with Jessie Stead2014

Book launch for Duh Angel c/o Phiadon with signature cocktail hour and table reading by local models.

This highly anticipated new title of the JS/RL Periodicals is the third in a series of eleven volumes publishing years of the collaborator’s out-of-body communication experiments, which channel consumer grade text messaging systems into a variety of unanticipated, higher formats. Representing this for those who don’t feel like reading or thinking, a hired Roomba® with a shiny helium balloon will wander the floorspace of Printed Matter in a deceptively random manner.   You can follow a table reading of Duh Angel performed by local models or leaf through one of the limited edition copies created especially for this event while enjoying a signature bottled cocktail directly inspired by its pages.
R. Lyon and Jessie Stead will be available for signing, this offer not limited to their books.
This event follows up last fall’s “Weed Piñata” ceremony for the launch of the previous JS/RL title: Golden Champagne.
Duh Angel: Upon returning from Lake Como, RL loses himself in Brazilian Newark, managing to escape through the GOD-ASS portal. JS’s clone parties in a coma ward with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Hurricane Boring strikes New York City. Phiadon offers an advance for an all kitten porn calendar. The butt-models clean up. *Duh Angel* is the third in a series of eleven volumes publishing years of JS/RL’s out-of-body communication experiments, which channel consumer grade text messaging systems into a variety of unanticipated, higher formats. This much anticipated new title upgrades the previous book, the minimalist cliffhanger *Golden Champagne*

borderWhere 4 with Lucy Hunter2014

Where 4

During the last weeks of March, Jeremy Coulliard’s spinning painting When Appropriate, Use Metaphors That Represent Concrete, Familiar Ideas twirled silently in our closed and locked shipping container, only viewable via live-stream on our web site. When Appropriate… was the first installment of Where 4, a group show that celebrates constraint and is staggered across March, April, and May. This experiment began with our detailed commission by Coulliard, continues with Brock Enright’s private one on one performances, and concludes with generative on-site paintings by Siebren Versteeg.

blackThe Limits of Perception and The Rectangular Frame #32014

Limits’ #3 requires memorizing a series of imaginary events and landscapes that combine every object from a giant 16 foot long photograph into a visual narrative.  In an extended performance, the artist picks his way through this mental panorama, sharing the qualities, location, materiality, and forms of the original photograph,  but none of the details of the fantastical worlds he created to remembers them. Install shots from The Bas Fisher Invitational in Miami Florida, 2014.


blackLimits of Perception and the Rectangular Frame #52014

37 remote controlled helicopters
1 controller

Human Resources LA, F21 2014


borderWhere 2 with Lucy Hunter, A.E. Benenson2013

Curated by A.E. Benenson, “Where 2”  (December 15, 2013 – February 14, 2014) recontextualizes Douglas Gordon’s super-durational appropriation work, “24 Hour Psycho” (1993) within contemporary networks of live-streaming and digital media piracy. Working as an act of recursive appropriation, the exhibition screens Hitchcock’s “Psycho” once daily in the gallery at 6:30pm and streams the footage via webcam to gallery’s website at Gordon’s prescribed speed of two frames per second to create a continuous, unauthorized digital version of 24 Hour Psycho.

The related publication “Where 2” contains a conversation between the directors of Where and David Joselit, essays by David Phelps and A.E. Benenson, as well as a flipbook and photo documentation.

Where can be viewed and contacted through

borderWhere 1 with Lucy Hunter2013
yellowGolden Champagne with Jessie Stead2013

Golden Champagne is a touring exhibition in collaboration with Jessie Stead, working as JS/RL. “Golden Champagne” is both performative documentation and poetic excess culled from the JS/RL Periodicals, a multi-volume series of books published by Phiadon.com, which documents years of hyperactive text messaging between the collaborators. In the exhibition “Golden Champagne”, the cosmos described in the Periodicals are submitted to a hermeneutic interpretation, generating performances, works of cinema, insular books of criticism and other elaborations in an ongoing recursive production cycle.
Golden Champagne: The second volume of the ongoing JS/RL text book periodical. After the apocalypse RL communicates by phone from Heaven while JS is still stuck on Hell-On-Earth. RL picks out an outfit for RAF’s trip to Miami. JS works on a screenplay while RAF is arrested by undercover officers. Jessie turns down an offer to go to the Tru-Snacks conference.

What Pipeline (Detroit)    Press Release  Work List  Trailer

Malraux’s Place (NYC)   Press Release     Images


Phiadon.com is a publishing house for art books and coffee table objects, while also functioning as a fictional corporate empire within some of the books it publishes. Best known for the multi-part JS/RL Periodicals, and  “Pussy Catalog” other works to be released include the museum guidebooks “Smashed Dicks of the Metropolitan Museum of Art,”  and “Walking tour of the Vatican,” as well as the coffee table volumes “Famous Artists’ Fat”, “Really Messy Tables”  “Photographs Taken While Driving My Car at 60 Miles Per Hour,” “Condoms of Europe,” and the page a day butt-model calendar entitled “BM1-BM365.”

yellowPhiadon presents: The JS/RL Periodicals2012 -

The JS/RL Periodicals are a multi-volume series of books, published by Phiadon.com documenting years of hyperactive text messaging between the collaborators. The Periodicals shimmer between everyday life and an orgy of unpredictable fictions. The text’s layers of insular code, innuendo, primitive languages, and purposeful misinterpretation germinate a plastic fantasy world of parasitic clones, illusory publishing houses, butt modeling agencies, ex-Mormon alter-egos, house-cat graphic designers, and the occasional apocalypse. The published Periodicals, Periodical commentaries, and reviews are available for purchase and online reading at the Amazon links below:
Come Lord 
Golden Champagne 
On Golden Champagne  *Review of Golden Champagne
Duh Angel 
Doo Aye  *Supplement

greenRaphael Amadeus Frankenstein (RAF)2010 -

Raphael Amadeus Frankenstein (RAF) is a contemporary keyboard composer working in the modern style. Born in Milan and later adopted by Mormon families, RAF studied at Julliard School of Music, periodically working with such luminaries as “The Boss” and composing scores for hit TV shows such as “Who’s the Boss?” Renouncing the concert hall and determined to “take it out for the people” RAF can be found performing his original works in diversified venues including diplomatic receptions, birthday parties, gallery openings, jazz outlets and piano lounges. Contact RhythmandLyrics.com for bookings.


Performa 13
Fitzroy Gallery with HARIBO
with Silk Flowers/ Soft Circle
Julliard School of Music

blueFlat works, misc2011 -
grey尸Γσ₠§§㏌⅁ with Julieta Aranda & Fia Backström2013

“尸Γσ₠§§㏌⅁” was a collaboration between R. Lyon, Julieta Aranda, and Fia Backström for the exhibition “End(s) of the Library” at the Goethe-Institut in New York, curated by Jenny Jaskey. “尸Γσ₠§§㏌⅁” broadly investigated the limits of reading and writing in the digital age, and produced a variety of artifacts, many of which were re-introduced into the library stacks and are now in circulation. They include two compressed videos, “Hitler” and “Kafka,” as well as a publication of the library’s raw 23,000-page catalog database as an Amazon print-on-demand 100-volume corpus, and a three-hour audio recording of performers reading a section of that catalog. The noise band Wretched Worst played unannounced in the middle of the afternoon, and Lydia Liu, Princeton professor and author of “The Freudian Robot,” presented a series of game-theory exercises central to the development of the thermonuclear bomb and the modern computer. A free downloadable keyboard entitled “The Human Readable Type,” α ʞ㏌ď ℉ єи␍ƴρʈєď ẘΓįʈ㏌⅁ ṃαďє ẘįʈң ңσṃσ⅁Ɩƴ㏗§˛ Ɩє⅁Ӹє ʈσ ң∪ṃαи§ ♭∪ʈ Γє§ʪʈαиʈ ʈσ ⊂σṃρ∪ʈє␞ αиď ďαʈα ṃٱи㏌⅁ αƖ⅁σΓįʈңṃ§․

Press Release and Work List
The End(s) of the Library website

尸Γσ₠§§㏌⅁ website

Rhizome : “The People Code”
Word Servants : “Download It Here”

blackThe Limits of Perception and The Rectangular Frame #42013

The Limits of Perception and the Rectangular Frame 4 is concerned with the problem of visualizing and representing gravity in a two-dimensional plane. It proposes that the solution offered by some simple video games to describe a gravitational field may in fact point to a method by which perspectival painting and flat abstraction can be reconciled.

blackThe Limits of Perception and The Rectangular Frame #22013

Performance involving Google predictive search engine, burning hair, and firecrackers, with music by Area C. The artist types into Google’s predictive search bar, letter by letter, in two-second intervals for approximately 45 minutes. As Google attempts to predict words and phrases, an essay slowly constructs a history of noise from Futurism, to the sound of thermonuclear detonation and the modern universal Turing machine.

Documentation is from Recess and the “Seeing Voice” exhibition in New York, curated by Christine Sun Kim, as well as the “Sight and Sound” festival in Montreal.

yellowPhiadon Presents: Pussy Catalog2013

Pussy Catalog
July 2013 Playboy, photographs of Hurricane the cat, 154 pages, edition of 30.
Another fine art publication from Phiadon.com.

gridFace Off2012

Series literally defaces an entire exhibition by the artist Sebastian Black in 2012. The painted aluminum top layer of Di- Bond was ripped from replicas of the show’s 14 unique paintings, revealing an adhesive rubber substrate. The works are then aggregated into a single object.

Rubber and aluminum (Di-Bond) on wood.
Individuals: 10″ x 6″
Aggregate: 46″ x 33″

mustardAlias Units2012

Installation views of the modular installation “Alias Units” from The Fisher Landau Center, New York. May 15, 2012

borderEssential Items: the artists’ work as a series of four inch cubes2012

On the eve of their thesis exhibition, the graduating artists of the Columbia University MFA program were asked to compress their practice into the space of four cubic inches for display at the Metro Deli in Williamsburg. The works in the show range from Kristina Lee’s indexical paint drippings on concrete, to Sebastian Black’s dandyish studio name tag, to Sandy Smith’s iconic painted lightbulb, to Mira Hunter’s urn of ashes. The exhibition finished with an offsite postcard dispenser at the Fisher Landau Center and a reception at an impossibly small apartment. Full documentation, including an essay by A.E. Benenson is available at  www.essentialItems.org and through an on-demand publication by the same name.

blackThe Limits of Perception and The Rectangular Frame #12011

Six-minute looping video with floor seating, involving audio composition for three mechanical window blinds with remote controllers, and video recording through an electronic iris set for automatic exposure.

purpleNerd Lesson in Entropy2012

7minute video loop for horizontal monitor.


Waiting spectators are asked to pay a dollar or have their rear photographed as admission. Once inside they are given a glowing, 8 pound sledge hammer head by which to view a series of partially legible works. They are told they must not put the hammer head down- when it inevitably becomes to heavy they should exit the installation. The sledgehammer gives off light for approximately 4 minutes, by which time the viewers eyes have adjusted to the dim scene.

turqmudboy’s Wolf!2011

mudboy’s “Wolf!” is a party game that pits an uninformed majority of “townspeople” against an informed minority of “wolves.” The game alternates between night and day phases: each night, while the townspeople’s eyes are closed, the wolves silently choose one player to devour (and remove from the game). By day, the townspeople use a blend of guesswork, bullying, and crowd mentality to lynch a suspected wolf. The game is a variant of a Soviet-era sociological study, which escaped academic circles to achieve international cult status in the ’80s as the game “Mafia.” mudboy’s version of  “Wolf!” highlights the strategic differences between rational operations and unconscious manipulations. Illustrated by the artist and published by Mousse magazine, the game cards and rules are available for free as a two page downloadable PDF.


tomyTOMY: paintings2011

The acrylic on glass (12″ x 10″) paintings are produced through serial copying. Originating with a print out from a corrupted and “unreadable” JPEG, each painting is produced mechanically by hand. Each new painting begun by laying a piece of glass over the previous iteration. As the image is subjected to multiple iteration (feedback), small errors become magnified. New “branches” of the mutating series can be created by making more than one copy of the same slide, and iterating those copies forward independently. The images here represent only a single branch.

mustardInstallation for various black balloons, wind.2010

Installation for various black balloons, wind.
Strafford, NH,2010
Lake Como Italy 2011

turqmudboy’s Night Eyes2010

This installation is a re-imagining of the artist’s “Night Eyes” musical performance for pipe organ, cell phone and electronics, which was performed for ISEA 2010 in Dortmund, Germany. The musical composition collides in the installation with the visual objects and projections to deliver communications from the 1984 film, Nightmare on Elm Street, itself a meditation on the dream state.  The show invites the viewer to become engulfed in a darkness, dimly lit by analog hand-made holographic light projectors called “attractors” and populated by spectral and often terrifying sculptural figures.

Full press release
Mountain Fold Gallery

turqmudboy’s True Magic2009

True Magic is an installation composed of an chaotic micro-LED light cloud, cardboard constructions, and a variety of optical illusions and light mobiles set to an atmospheric soundtrack. A series of light sensitive illuminated prints, boxes, and wall drawings were available for sale in the installation’s established “gift shop.”


turqmudboy- Assorted Installations and Objects2008 - 2010

turqmudboy- videos2005 - 2008

“Othern Lights” with Dave Fisher

Part of the Slomo Video Compilation

mudmantra with Dave Fisher

Banned Muppet Scene Featuring: mudboy:Dracula Lewis:The Fear You Hear

turqmudboy2003 - 2010


mudboy is a performance, installation, video, and recording project that began at Fort Thunder in Providence, RI in the early 2000s. mudboy performed throughout the United States and Europe on homemade and experimental electronic keyboards with the occasional foray into adapted pipe organs. He appeared with such acts a Tony Conrad, Black Dice, Charlemagne Palestine, Fenez, Lightning Bolt, Paper Rad and Extreme Animals.  Accompanied by controlled lighting, surround-sound speakers, firecrackers, and smoke, mudboy’s was a self-proclaimed “spell caster,” exploring fantasy, power, control, and the uncanny through a guided musical experience. Though mudboy released nearly two dozen albums and “kits,” and mounted four solo exhibitions, the vast majority of the nearly pitch-black performances were unrecorded and un-photographed. mudboy’s most recent and perhaps final performance was on massive electro-acoustic pipe organ in Dortmund, Germany as part of the International Symposium on Electronic Art in 2010, and is the basis of the Night Eyes album (unreleased) and an installation of the same name at the Mountain Fold gallery in New York City in 2010.

Nearly all of mudboy’s albums are out of print, though some have been curated into WFMU’s free music archive. An entire live performance recorded at WFMU in 2009 is available for download and streaming.

Official mudboy website
Fort Thunder

greenFree Matter For the Blind: Psicklops2005

Psicklops was produced by Free Matter for the Blind in 2005 with a grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. Based loosely on the events of Kafka’s “The Trial,” but updated for the Bush Presidency, the 50-minute foray investigates capitalistic meme making, psychological warfare, and constant slippages between guerrilla recordings, found sounds, and scripted performances. It re-imagines the possibilities of an audio theater as “Dark Cinema” by establishing a “point of listening” for the audience akin to the cinema-goer’s “point of view.”  Psicklops’ point of listening creates an immersive and embodied experience of recorded sound, challenging Duchamp’s maxim that “One can look at seeing; one cannot hear hearing.” Nearly 25 individual artists and musicians were involved in Psicklops, including Jim Drain, who also made the poster and album cover, as well as Jo Dery, Luke Fishbeck of Lucky Dragons, Khaela Maricich of the Blow, Ron Rege Jr, Dennis Typhus, Jake Vida, and many others.

Psicklops is available here as a free download 

greenFree Matter For The Blind (FM4TB)2003 - 2010

Free Matter For The Blind (FM4TB) is a music label of sound art, experimental field recordings, and investigations into the possibilities of cinematic audio. To date FM4TB has released 37 limited edition recordings on CD-R, cassette, and posters with audio download. Along with several one off titles, FM4TB released a series of themed audio “zines” between 2003 and 2004 – compilations of found sounds, commissioned works,  guerrilla recordings, and unauthorized reproductions. Following this series was the “Haunted Cobblestone Sunset Concert Series” – single-take recordings of musicians invited to perform, unseen, out of Lyon’s third-floor window as the sun set. Performances ranged from Area C’s melodic looping guitars to Solemn Man’s amplified smashing of furniture, accompanied by the sounds of field artillery, on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Recordings were made at street level, where the audience would sit and listen. The album reproduces equal parts planned performance and unpredictable sounds of an urban neighborhood. Most of the catalog which is entirely out of print has been curated into WFMU’s  Free Music Archive.

Listen or Download here:

FM4TB- Audio Zines

Thee Haunted Cobblestones Sunset Concert Series

greenFort Thunder2001- 2004

….coming soon?